Porsche 911 GT3 tested. Giant Killer!

Parked in a corner of the parking Porsche Centre Madrid, the Porsche 911 GT3 is monstrous. It is the fattest of all Porsche awaiting here. Approaching him, as intimidating. For me, the best supercar currently on sale. I spend my money on it. Its price of 157 874 euros I even looks cheap compared to its closest rival, the Ferrari 458 Speciale, costing 120,000 euros. Enough money to make another 911 Carrera.

Why? … You think. “Only” has 475 hp and accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 3.5 seconds. will I then speak of Nissan GT-R, Lamborghini, Mercedes AMG GT … 911 GT3 postureo not about the casino of Monaco. Even his greatest assets concern power or acceleration. It is a matter of pure driving sensations. Experiences of pilot experience. Speed ​​cornering. To fight both those seconds off the lap cost …

The engine comes to life with a very angry sound. The Porsche 911 GT3 is essentially car racing enrollable , designed for “frustrated drivers” who come often trackdays and want to experience the sensations of the highest competition. A supercar only suitable for real petrolhead . Of course, rear-wheel drive and no concessions.

This competition smell permeates everywhere: the bacquets seats with backs in carbon fiber, the fine Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel or roll cage should be located where the rear seats. Even tires that fit, a Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2-of 245/35 front and 305/30 behind him, basically, are a semi-slick for circuit road-approved for use provided, of course, not rain …

His profile is monotuerca spiced with lovely platinum color wheels and 20 inches, instead of nineteen in the previous model. But its true hallmark is its huge rear wing and a tachometer warning that is not sport either: needle climbs to 9000 laps-ve-nue thousand And that leaves no doubt: Today we will spend pipe!

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The imposing twin center exhaust outlet, with lines painted in black color, mounted a considerable scandal. It is a radical vehicle, with a heavenly soundtrack of those race car. is hard, very spartan Racing. But bacquets are formidable and that makes GT3 may not appear unpleasant by the A1 … except that I became the center of attention. Everyone starts to point me, me pictures and dangerously sticking to me.

The ground clearance have reduced 30 mm, enough to not have access to many garages. Good thing it has a system that raises the front axle. It is optional and costs more than 3,300 euros … but it is essential for day to day. In any case, it remains 911 that can be used daily. The air conditioning works like a charm and also has cruise control and navigation system.

After passing Buitrago del Lozoya, our road begins to intertwine, combining dozens of curves with several straight. Toco lever repeatedly gunned the left and taking advantage of the very fast throttle response while roars like a real beast. 7000, 8000, 9000 turns, and “baaaang”. Everything happens in a few seconds. How the hell happened this noise regulations GT3 ? A 9000 revolution is roaring! One of the people will be shocked with so much noise …

When I reached several tight curves shows that the best thing is their agility in turns, more like a Porsche Cayman S mid-engined. He moves with ease, perhaps because it, like the 911 Turbo, with direction on the rear axle . Something that we would never have noticed if we had not warned Porsche.

is a system that goes completely unnoticed and, thanks to which rear wheels rotate its angle to 1.5 ° to improve the turning circle at a standstill. As the trucks. At low speed the wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front, seems to have minor battle maneuvers and changes in direction or parking are provided.

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At high speeds, the rear wheels move together to the front, to improve agility and cornering stability. Porsche claims that this system was responsible for winning a handful of valuable seconds in time back to the Nurburgring, where two seconds faster than the previous 997 GT3 at its RS version.

A stop on the way to eat it is with a talk together about cyclists who walk through the area. We ask for the car. The details that make it special. We talked about its design, its power and price. One of them tells us what is in love Porsche, what has distinguished the sound of car kilometers away, “knowing that something big was coming” and how their effectiveness prefer to eccentricity of a Ferrari.

The engine, for better and worse

The current GT3 was born with great uncertainties. For starters, there had not even an option, with manual transmission, which was a controversial decision. In addition, they had dispensed first engine Mezger towards a propeller with direct fuel injection with a pressure of 200 bars, water-cooled system with variable distribution of valvelift.

The great advantage of Mezger engines was their reliability: they were created in the early sixties by engineer Hans Mezger with an original design for the Porsche 911 GT1 24 hours of Le Mans, Queen of resistance race. However, the current engine is derived from the Carrera S, is capable of reaching 600 revolcuiones the previous GT3 and save 25 kilos weight .

The problem arose when the new engines had questioned its reliability due to fire hazard. Porsche, in an exceptional after-sales maneuver, the engine replaced free of all units affected by a new unit. A single movement in the automotive industry. But some people think that does not seem to be entirely solved: last week told me the case of a person who has just changed its “new” 911 GT3 for Turbo after two engine failures. They claimed a regular meeting Nürburgring already had six thrusters. If so, Porsche will be facing a very serious and delicate situation.

Personally I hope it is just an isolated case and that Porsche with the key. Because the new engine is surprising. is a very inspiring mechanics. The now classic six-cylinder boxer emanating 475 hp at 8250 rpm and 440 Nm at 6250 rpm. They are 30 hp more than the 911 997 GT3 it replaces. The weight / power ratio is great -3kg / hp and has a program “ launch control ” brutal, can accelerate from 0-100 in 3.5 seconds. Accelerates, accelerates and accelerates to 315 km / h.

After our initial contact making some shots, we decided that it’s time to know everything that is able to give him. Unlike many supercars are not a dozen programs and screens to set independently the suspension, steering, changing or engine mapping. I still remember with amazement the 243 possible combinations featuring BMW M6 Grand Coupe! The operation of the 911 GT3 is very simple, since there are only two ways to change and suspension. “Comfort” and “race”

The first curves show that the chassis is very rigid suspension is so athletic in his “comfort mode” that GT3 turns up and does not balance anything even in tighter turns. The setting of the suspension is so firm that I find some use to, except for intensive use in circuit “race mode”.

The accelerations are awfully good, especially when you reach the area between 7000 and 9000 laps, with a clang. A new curve, brake force to support the nose while I power twice left cam. Change PDK makes no hesitations and reduced to first diligently.

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The nose fits in the curve viciously while I keep some pressure on the brake. Although the boundaries appear very high from the passenger seat, when you drive, always seems to be under control. Moreover, opening gas hastily slides back a few centimeters, enough to get you a smile and gain distance quickly. Surely anyone who sees us will think that we are reckless.

But when I press the “race” of change, PDK button becomes sophisticated admirable. I do not remember having tasted such rapid change like this. Play the cam and “bang”. Porsche says that changes are as fast as the 911 Cup race. It takes only 100 milliseconds something really sensational!

The automatic double-clutch PDK is very well resolved. While I do not miss a manual option. It would be anywhere near as effective, even for those who go to the circuit. Set-up has very fine and fast. aluminum cams have a very mechanical operation and a tour shorter than other Porsche double-clutch, such as 911 GTS we tried a few weeks ago.

The PDK opens a “way hooligan ” called function “ neutral paddle that with traction control disconnected, disengaged down when you press the two cams simultaneously. Accelerating, the tachometer needle reaches redline tachometer and as soon loose the cams engage the gear again. The result is a “burn out” film, followed by an acceleration in a straight line when apocalyptic regains traction. You better not be too curved newbie and try … oversteer caused can end badly.

Such technology has a price charged to the kilo. You think that GT3 911 should be lighter. Circuit conception to its lighter engine, its rear roll bars as well as a spoiler and rear lid made of plastic or lightweight. But no. It is strange that a 911 Carrera S with manual transmission although 1400 kg, 30 less. has gained 35 kg compared to the fourth generation, which was less powerful and less technically advanced.

The electromechanical steering is quite satisfactory, provides more feedback than 911 basic. heavier, firm and communicative shown. The software is different and geometry as well.

Despite the high temperatures and intensive use we are making of the brakes to the many slow corners we find in our road, the brakes do not falter at all. They are indispensable to feel comfortable on this demanding driving element. And that does not employ optional carbocerámicos, which cost 10,480 euros (distinguishable because the pizzas are painted in yellow color) and should be the most important for those who often go to circuit equipment, because they offer fatigue and its duration is superior.

For those looking for something more radical and extreme, because they believe that this GT3 is too usable in the day, Porsche has created GT3 RS . It is intended for use primarily in track and rarely on the road. It features a domed ceiling of magnesium, a front carbon fiber hood, a spoiler of enormous dimensions and numerous air intakes. Has 25 hp more and he can opt to dispense with the radio or air conditioning system.

GT3 : an acronym only authentic petrolhead

911 GT3 is the most intense of all Porsche , with permission from the end GT3 RS . It connects neatly with the chassis, offers a level of grip from another planet and you feel pilot while driving. His sound, his touch, his response …

True, the 911 Turbo S is faster but essentially is easier to take quick. While the latter has 750 Nm from 2200 sobrealimentación–due returns to the GT3 has 440 Nm from 6000 for its atmospheric condition. The GT3 is thought to live in the red line that breaks the 9,000 laps. And only those who have the courage to move in that rpm range will pull the quintessence. The speed goes into the background because what is more raw feelings and the ability to engage in the “driving spirit”. is more challenging, more rewarding and more atrocious. Not for cowards.

is a race car , ready to mark time over the weekend. Their sound is so energetic that hears kilometers and its appearance as racing that nobody goes unnoticed. But above all, it is a car for real petrolhead . People like you and me, wants to take the pilot within.

The emotion it causes is what makes this car so exciting. it offers superlative level of fun and interaction. Their relationship effectiveness / price seems a panacea … That’s a Giant Killer and already has a place in my little heart. Now I just need the money.

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