Porsche 911 GTS 2017, the “nueveonce” more balanced is updated


The 911 most balanced of all is updated, and comes from the other side of the Atlantic

The 911 is, in its own right, a legend in the world of the engine. However, and unlike other myths, its lineage continues to this day to be more alive than ever. Porsche is proud of his product, and is still updating it and improving it with new techniques and a lot more technology. From the other side of the pond, from the Detroit motor show, comes the renewal of the most balanced of them all; the Porsche 911 GTS 2017.

Since not long ago, Porsche has decided to re-use the name GTS for all of its models produced. From the small Porsche 718 Cayman up to the almighty and giant Porsche Cayenne. Is, without a doubt, the more balanced range of all that we know. In the particular case of the mythical “nueveonce” is more than just a Race, without getting to the end of the Turbo.

As we say, the 911 GTS is updated. And it presents the same new elements that we already knew in the rest of his brothers already launched the generation 991-2. on the outside the changes are minimal, but the existing ones are important. Most notable is the use, once more, of black in different parts of the body. Hallmark of the Gran Turismo Sport.


The interior is already known. More quality and a lot more technology

inside more of the same. Porsche already gave the key of their design many years ago, and now take that structure and change it to insert more technology of last generation. It is worth noting the presence of a screen is better integrated into the console, and with many more functional and connectivity. A small license that was taking the 911 to be updated to face their competition.

In terms of the mechanics, gone are those times of air cooling and maximum power. The new 991-2 incorporate the turbos as a philosophy of life. The GTS is no stranger to this trend, and in your rear axle will be fitted with a six cylinder engine in-line turbo with three liters. Your power will be 450 hp. That is to say 20 more than the current model. With a substantial increase in the torque, which will reach up to 550 Nm between the 2.150 and the 5,550 grant turns.

As is logical, the yield increase has been accompanied by an increase of benefits. From 0 to 100 Km/h in 3,6 seconds, and top speed of 312 Km/h. Once more it has chosen to change six-speed manual as an element of the series, although will also be available the version PDK seven relations. The same thing happens with the traction system. The GTS will use the propulsion, although they will also be available units 4 GTS with all-wheel drive.

finally say that the Porsche 911 GTS 2017 will come to the markets from the next month of march, and will be extensible to all the body current of the Porsche 911. That is to say that it will come in format Cabriolet, Coupe and Targa. In terms of their price Porsche soon will tell us what value to reach these units. The most balanced of all. Do not forget that a new generation of the 911 is already in place, and that it will not take much in see her get.


The new GTS will be extended to all the bodies possible 911