Porsche 911 GTS Targa 2017, revealed in these spy photos


gradually, the range of the Porsche 911 (991.2) will be completed in the following months: the majority of changes in design, equipment or technology that lightweight restyling premiered in the Porsche 911 2016 -already on sale in versions Race/S and Turbo/S – will arrive progressively to the remaining versions of the iconic sports car.

An example of this will be the Porsche 911 GT3 2017, of which we have spoken at length, but there will be more. For example, this Porsche 911 GTS 2017, of which now we show you his first spy pictures. Here it is in the vicinity of Nürburgring, where he has been shooting just a few days ago.

As you can see, the 911 GTS 2017 not trying too hard in hiding, given that the camouflage is non-existent. With body-Targa-look at their roof and glass rear-drive, this drive can be considered to be virtually pre-production: it includes different front bumper in the style of GT3, very sporty and with air inlets of larger size, next to alloy wheels with monotuerca central, in black color and large size.


These two details could form part of a pack optional for the new 911 GTS. It also highlights that rear bumper with diffuser and built-in dual-outlet exhaust central, next to minimal changes in the graphics of their optical. These will be the main new aesthetic, along with a body with wider pathways similar to Race 4, but of course there will be more, in the form of equipment new and a higher technological burden.

Porsche 911 GTS 2017 also give the Pack Sport Chrono or the suspension, adaptive PASM, along with the latest multimedia systems of the brand. Goodbye to the maximum torque of the engine of 3.8 liters and 430 HP present in the current 911 GTS: in this restyling, the majority of the family will adopt turbocharging, and the GTS will not be less.

In this generation 991.2, only the Porsche 911 R or the next 911 GT3 will remain mechanical, weather, safeguarding the purest of the sports. In the Porsche 911 GTS 2017 will be adopted engine twin-turbo of 3.0 liters and six-cylinder boxer, which will slightly increase the power with respect to the current model: you will arrive in the coming months, with body Coupe, Cabrio or Targa, manual gearbox or PDK propulsion and rear-or all-wheel drive.