Porsche 911 R, the “nueveonce” more purist comes to Geneva

Fulfilling 40 years of the output of the first 911 with this appellation, Porsche has chosen Geneva for the presentation of the version more sporty, but design that is more classic, the new Porsche 911 R.

To do so, the model dispenses some of the elements of “radicalization”, which incorporates the GT3 as are the tailfins, both of your body such as added by the German firm into the vehicle (although, with a spoiler, retractable electric), granting this way, the aesthetic is more “street” but with a configuration and mechanical performance aspirations.


And, the sports of the signature German takes a bike boxer 6-cylinder and 4.0-liter with an output of 500 HP, but leaving aside the turbocharging and equipping a manual gearbox sports 6-speed to increase the driving experience and feelings at the controls of the car, not to mention the weight reduction that implies roof of magnesium, bonnets carbon, the use of plastic lightweight in the rear window and side rear or the removal of the row of seats in back that give a weight of only 1,370 Kg (50 Kg below the GT3).

in Addition to that, it has worked on a braking system with the maximum possible accuracy composed by ceramic discs of 410 millimeters on the front and 390 mm at the rear or the renewed sport exhaust system in titanium.

In data on paper, we find a sport able to do the 0-100 Km/h in only 3.8 seconds as well as a maximum speed of 323 km/h.

on the other hand, its front if that shows us a aspect virtually traced the 911 GT3 with your bumper with three large intakes of aire, and the labeled spoiler below; your behind offers us a redesigned bumper with a new rear diffuser that keeps the dual output central exhaust.


in Addition, to increase the reminiscent of the classical model, in the photographs we can see that it has been equipped a few red stripes going through the body as well as the iconic labeling the side with the brand, as well as their tire specific forged 20-inch lightened and that in this model give a touch of “remember” being the most modern and most classic of the German manufacturer.

The exclusivity, that if, will also be the key of this model which will be limited to 911 units.