Porsche 911: the evolution of the nueveonce in the best animations


Evolution of the Porsche 911.

The Porsche 911 is one of those models that we can consider as an institution. In fact, although the German mark is no more a manufacturer of SUVs (based on the volume of production and sales), you really Porsche is more the 911 than the rest of its range past and present.

Although the history of the brand is long, especially the chapter sports, is the 911 the main protagonist of that story. The brand wanted to kill him on one occasion, but the 911 ended up eclipsing that in theory was her most comfortable, luxurious and modern successor, the Porsche 928.

The model came in 1963 and after more than half a century of life has become a model irreplaceable for brand and the fans, despite the fact that to the naked eye does not seem to have changed too much and to keep counting, with the same basic recipe.

In these animations we can see from his silhouette the model has evolved over these five decades, which has always been one of the sports reference in the segment.

Interestingly, the major redesigns and changes of the model we’re going to find in their latest generations, when precisely it is assumed that the mark has been concerned to respect the originality and the heritage of the model. But times change and the market does not stop moving, so the 911 has had to adapt itself to new needs and new rivals, which have forced the brand to fine-tune the most of the original recipe.

The first of these animations has been evaluated by Donut Media, which shows us a colourful presentation of the different generations of the model. Finally, we found the prepared by the own Porsche, created to commemorate the manufacture of the exemplary 1.000.000 model, which came out a few days ago of the assembly line.