Porsche 911 Turbo: the first images of the new 992 Turbo


The Porsche 911 Turbo new generation is already in evidence.

Not much time has passed since I presented the last update of the Porsche 911 until we stumbled across one of the first test units of the new generation, which all have been baptized already as a generation 992. In the last few months we have offered numerous spy photos of the new model, still in development, and both in its alternative open and closed, but until now, we had not been able to see any copy of the 911 Turbo.

The unit that appears in the images corresponds to one of the mules initial model, which Porsche has been testing at the Nürburgring. As we can see still has the body of the current 911, without the new items that have characterized the recent prototypes seen of the new 911 Carrera, as the optical systems or the bumper.

despite having the body above, this issue can not hide their true nature, since it has ways considerably more ample, so that the Porsche engineers have had to patch as been able to the steps of wheels, now visibly more bulky.


First images of the new 911 Turbo.

Although the treatment of enlarged body is very striking, what is true is that the new features of this version are not going to find in the exterior panels, but also in the mechanics, because you more than likely Porsche present a new mechanical with the launch of the variant 911 Turbo the new generation 992.

These are the first pictures that have appeared of the model, but previous reports already suggest that the German brand presented a smaller engine displacement for versions Turbo, in addition to mount it a few inches more toward the center, acercandolo the center of gravity of the vehicle. There have also been reports that suggest that the new 911 Turbo will feature a hybrid system in the version Turbo S, with a power around 700 horses.

Speculation aside, what we know is that the new 911 Turbo will remain well present in the range of nueveonce, crowning the range regular, in addition to the versions GT and RS that could come after.


will Arrive shortly after the new generation of the 911 Carrera.

The current generation 911.2 was presented at the iaa in Frankfurt 2015 and started marketing shortly after, so that taking into account the advanced state of the test units that we have been able to see versions of the 911 Carrera, which we hope will be presented in the first half of next year, in the case of the 911 Turbo would have to wait at least until the last few bars of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.