Porsche 917: You’ll be able to enroll in a recreation of the “sport of the century in Le Mans”


The best sporting competition of all time.

Although it is still in development, this replica of the Porsche 917 might already be available for sale this year. This is the term that drives the company Icon Engineering, which aims to commercialize a version as close as possible to the mythical sporting competition of the decade of the seventies, but-enrolled at the request of the client.

The 917 is one of those beasts legendary circuits, a great example of how far they can get the engineering applied to the speed. The Porsche 917 original signed the death sentence of the then all-powerful Ferrari Ferrari in the World Championship of constructors, whose legacy survives in the current WEC.

the legend of The 917 can hardly be summarized in only a few lines, but be defined as “The sport of the century at Le Mans”, according to a jury formed by journalists during the 24 Hours of the year 2000, it is a good way to describe it. The 917 was the first model of the brand that earned the absolute victory in the famous 24-Hour French.


Its intricate tubular frame, aluminum is a work of goldsmithing.

Another way to describe it is as did the magazine Motor Sport Magazine after a survey, we defined it as “best competition car of all time”. His superiority was such, that Enzo Ferrari described Porsche as a “arms manufacturer”, not of sports.

In the case of this replica, has been developed by computer from the 917 original 1969 David Piper, with frame number 917-010 and that is in the possession of the pilot since 1969. A process that is already in its final stages of development, after five long years of work. The work not only has focused on replicate the body, in addition it has reproduced the intricate tubular frame, made of aluminum and the same scheme of suspensions.

In terms of the mechanics, can fit any of the thrusters flat-six from the brand, even though there really is space for engines 12-cylinder boxer, as that employed some of the more radical alternatives of the 917.


you Can be enrolled to the customer’s request.

The price of this wonder will be about 117.275 dollars, except for the engine chosen by the customer, including the frame and body, as well as the magnesium wheels, dashboard, and suspension systems and brakes. In the case of request for a complete vehicle, and that could be-enrolled, the client must request a quote prior to the project.