Porsche 991 GT2 Evo: the 'air-cooled' most powerful of the history of the brand


Your picture gives you away, this version is born for the track.

Within the saga’s Porsche GT2, the GT2 Evo 1998, is without any doubt the most rare and radical of all the models born with those initials. Although it may seem to you, the vehicle that appears in the images is not a racing car but a model-enrolled, of street, although it barely differs from the 911 GT2, which competed in the Class GT2 Championship BPR of the decade of the nineties.

To compete in the new championship, Porsche decided to prepare the paths versions for the categories GT1 and GT2. In the case of the first born the stunning 911 GT1, as the one that I loved just a few days ago, one single copy of racing that had been approved in order to be enrolled, and the 911 GT2, derived from the Porsche 911 Turbo generation 993, they lost the awd and a good part of his weight to be approved in the competition, the new weapon of circuits of the brand of Stuttgart.

The 911 GT2 radicalised the behavior of the 911 Turbo, being situated above this in terms of performance and price. The outside of them spoke, with a body duly enlarged and crowned by an enormous rear spoiler, which had two air intakes on the side. The identifying feature is most characteristic of the version. But an evolution of the model that competed in the BPR caused the emergence of a new and more powerful version radical even, the 911 GT2 Evo.


The interior is 100 by 100 competition.

The 991 GT2 raised the power of its flat-six 3.6-litre chilled still air of the 408-HP 911 Turbo to some exceptional 436 HP, that became 450 HP in the case of the 911 GT2 Evo. For a total of about 1.295 kilos of weight, about 205 kilograms less than the 911 Turbo’s all-wheel drive.

The 911 GT2 Evo was made exclusively under the order and in total, only they were assembled, 11 copies, so that not only is the version of the GT2 most rare of all, it is also one of Porsche’s most exclusive, which have ever existed. So finding available a copy as this is not very common, and even less with the characteristics that shows this unity.

Next to be auctioned by Mecum Auctions at the events of Monterey in 2016, this precious copy of the Porsche 911 GT2 Evo out of the factory German in 1995 with the distinction of having with about 600 horsepower and 665 Nm in place of the 450 available to the rest of the short series that was assembled, so that it can be considered as the Porsche road air-cooled more powerful ever produced by the brand.


Of the 11 produced, this came out of the factory with 600hp.

added To this was the state in which it is located, completely new and original, because in these little more than 20 years has only been enjoyed over 7,000 kilometers for the single owner that has well-known during this time. Therefore, this exemplary is a rare and unique opportunity for many collectors.

With frame number WP0ZZZ99ZS394062, this 911 GT2 Evo has some specifications closer to the racing version than to their brethren of the street. A single look at if interior shows us how to the cabin is fully naked, with the exception of a lone-hand side seat of the competition of carbon to the accompanying two fire extinguishers and roll cage. All the wiring is out of sight in the middle of the white space.

Other details of the racing version are the repository of competition, that takes up the whole aperture in the front and the widened body, which has the huge rear spoiler that was only available in the GT2 Evo, as well as the bumpers and tires of the version of the circuit. The hoods are equipped with security locks and on the side we find the mandatory safety switches. Everything a car racing one hundred percent.


The huge rear wing is adjustable in detail.

With these specifications, it is impossible for a vehicle of this type can be used as the vehicle of journal. As an example, a glance at the huge tires that completely fill the steps of the wheels to reveal a suspension system designed exclusively for the asphalt of a track, not for the changing sign of the roads.

But this does not detract value to this strange unicorn, a copy of which we can only enjoy the few times I go out to public sale, as in this case, showing in addition to a Porsche, which at that time only focused on sports cars and in competition. Years before it became the manufacturer of large volume that it is today.