Porsche announces that it will hold in its range of mechanical suction

Volkswagen Group has in Porsche one of its biggest banners in technology as, together with Audi, Lamborghini and Bentley, occupies the choicest of their operations. This situation of privilege, we must add that the signing of Stuttgart is involved fully in the development of their next models, which as we all know there will be electrical. To do this, is working closely with Audi, with whom he will share a lot of technology in the not too distant future.

heading-technological and commercial that is taking the German consortium, and the Porsche, had lost hope to the more purists, because as time has passed, the traditions have been left aside to give way to the new and revolutionary. The first thing was the arrival of mechanical turbocharged, leaving aside the air intake, and in a second was the arrival of the all way Cayenne and bodies sedan and Shooting Brake of the Panamera.

however, in the face of both chaos and the revolution in technology and business, has jumped to the fore Frank-Steffen Walliser, executive of Porsche, to confirm that the German firm will keep alive the engines natural food both as the standards, anti-pollution allow them to. Taking into account that the Cayenne, Panamera or 911, and 718 Boxster and Cayman are already provided with a mechanical turbo in their range, will have to wait for some movement to indicate how they are going to maintain with life.

Wallister indicated that a large portion of their customers (in the united States and the Middle East mainly) are still seeking their models with mechanical atmospheric, and the impossibility of being able to choose them. For this reason, the way that Porsche could ensure the survival of this type of engines would be using the strategy of limited editions.

In this case, you would only have to take a model as a basis and produce a short-run of units equipped with a mechanism of this type. In this way, in addition to obtain higher economic performance by being a special edition, would not have to comply with regulations anti-pollution. However, this latter information has not been confirmed by the brand, so they still could be more changes in the future.

Source – Porsche

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