Porsche boss Matthias Müller is the new CEO of Volkswagen Group


Who until now served as the top leader of the Porsche brand has been promoted to chairman of the Volkswagen Group. Matthias Müller will undertake the enormous task to rebuild the tarnished image of Volkswagen brand.


Matthias-Muller M atthias Müller, who has served as top leader of Porsche during the past five years, has been promoted to the position of Group CEO Volkswagen, Martin Winterkorn after was forced to leave his post this week because of the scandal unleashed after news that Volkswagen misrepresented data concerning emissions in the United States.

In his first press conference as CEO of Volkswagen, said Müller will make every effort to win back the trust of customers, colleagues, partners, investors and the general public . At the same time he said he considers crucial that something does not happen again in the company, meaning that introduced new internal rules more strictly enforced.

Like its predecessor, Müller has long been within the Volkswagen Group. After an internship with Audi In late 1970, Muller joined permanently to the Audi brand in 1984. By the late 1990s, he rose to the position of product management for Audi, SEAT and Lamborghini . In 2010 he was appointed CEO of Porsche , a position he will continue to maintain while encountering who replaced.

Müller is considered one of the drivers of modular architecture used by the Volkswagen Group, a system that is based on the use of many identical parts for most models , which saves costs. What a task it’s up to Müller, nothing less than that of rebuild the image of the Volkswagen brand and launch it again trying to leave behind the worst in its history.



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