Porsche Cayenne 2018: In the snow with less camouflage


The new Cayenne should be in the showrooms in 2018.

If only a few days avistábamos the facelift of the Porsche Macan 2019 during its testing of winter, today we have new images of the new generation of the Cayenne virtually uncovered, the SUV, the greater the size of the brand of Stuttgart.

This unit I have been able to reach out to our photographers you do not have virtually camouflage any, although it has several changed items. In a way very similar to how we found the drive of the Macan that we mentioned above.

In the front we can see the front almost to the full of the current Cayenne 2015, so much the bumper as the optical front they appear very similar, however, is seen as the element auxiliary daytime running lights has a new design.


This unit just has modifications visible.

we can Also see how missing the optical assistants in the lower area of the bumper, despite the fact that it has the hole for it. What is evidence of a temporary use of the own bumper, and perhaps new position for these optics in the new generation.

In behind, we discover, as has the 4 exhaust outlets, so this could be a Turbo version or GTS, and as with the Macan, which we saw some days ago, the pilots have been hidden with a vinyl. This element adhesive try to disguise the shapes of the current optical groups of the Cayenne, which means that under them will need to find a optical new design.

The current and second generation of the Cayenne dates back to the year 2010, after 8 years of marketing Cayenne original. The copy of the images should be a one of the units with which the brand is already developing the new and third generation of the model, which we should see in showrooms in 2018.