Porsche Cayman 2016: 4 keys to understand the alleged changes that are coming

After the renewal of the Porsche 911, with the consequent arrival of the mechanical overfed to the Carrera, Carrera S, and alternatives of total traction, the talk is already of a facelift for the Porsche Cayman, a facelift that would know the next year and you can see here in 4 quick keys.

New mechanics:

Together with the evolution of the engine we could expect changes in its cycle, what you will inherit in the 911 the rear axle directional?

as has happened with the Porsche 911 the main change we would find “under the hood”, in paragraph mechanical. As we have from Autocar Porsche would introduce a mechanical four-cylinder supercharged that could have a cubicaje 2 litres.

Now we have to keep in mind that the versions “normal” of the Porsche Cayman, presented at the end of 2012, are equipped with an engine 6-cylinder and 2.7-liter, with 275 horsepower and a 6-cylinder 3.4-litre with 325 horses in the case of the Cayman S.

Another of the changes that we can imagine happens by the introduction of the selector driving modes seen in the new Porsche 911, a selector which, through a roulette wheel located on the steering wheel allows us to take in a fast rotating modes more sports.

of course it is expected that will increase your power, reduce their consumption and improve their benefits.

What will change in your design?

The Porsche Cayman currently has a starting price of 57.461 euros.

The aesthetic changes would be reduced to the introduction of new bumper with subtle changes, as well as a new set of optics.

And what about on the inside?

While, in your car, we would hit the latest evolution of the multimedia system the German firm, new connectivity options as the Apple Carplay and additional services such as WiFi connectivity.

When do we see?

According to the latest rumors we might find this face wash in the forthcoming Geneva, in march of 2016.