Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, presented and on sale


The Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport made its debut in Los Angeles

Porsche has just unveiled in Los Angeles Cayman GT4 Clubsport for those lovers of the brand who want to debut in the competition. It has been used as the basis of the Cayman GT4 to generate a vehicle ready to jump into the circuit, in fact your approval will prevent circular road.

this is Not a sports homologated for the road

This version of competition is devoid of all unnecessary components to to lighten the weight to the maximum, modifications security for the competition and some pieces inherited from its big brother the 911 GT3 CUP.

like its namesake series production for the road, the Cayman GT4 Clubsport mounts a propeller six-cylinder boxer 3.8-liter but this version for the competition associated to a dual-clutch transmission PDK of six relations with the possibility of the gear change by using the cam behind the wheel.


sports Seat, arcs of safety and cabin emptying for the competition

Mounted a differential limited-slip rear specific for the competition and inherited from the 911 GT3 CUP the light suspensions front and rear. For the hard runs on the track comes equipped with a new braking system with four discs of steel 380 mm that are bitten by pincers, fixed aluminum six-piston front and four behind.

Uses components of the 911 GT3 CUP

The electronics have also been modified. The ABS has 12 modes different from calibrated, the Electronic Stability Program has been adjusted for proper operation with tires Slicks, while the power steering is electronic.

Its interior has been stripped of all material and component unnecessary for the track, that is why it has a weight on the scale of 1,300 kg. In the cabin you will find a three-spoke steering wheel, single-seat racing harnesses six anchor points, and arches soldiers to the body, all of the series.


Your approval for the 2016 will allow the Cayman GT4 Clubsport participate in competitions throughout the world.

Has a set of tires are 18-inch forged-steel with five screws of tires of different dimensions to the axes. Of series account with a deposit of 90 liters, but optionally can be ordered with a security deposit (FT3) of 70 or 100 litres.

Its base price is 111.000 euros to which we can add the specific taxes of each country, the sports you can ask directly to Porsche Motorsport, in Weissach. In 2016 is expected to approval for various competitions around the world.