Porsche Cayman GT4 (or like falling in love with a car in a little over 24 hours)

20:30. Juanma writes to me, waiting for me at the doors ready to pass me the keys to one of the cars more special than we’ve had in the last few months in the garage motor: Porsche Cayman GT4. Comes to prepare some photos with David. I introduce that silhouette grey that is its key in the clausor and tear. Sweet melody boxer shorts. Automatically, call me scrapper, active exhaust system, I leave Juanma and insert first. I lift the foot off the clutch…

This Porsche Cayman GT4 inherits the mechanics of the 3.8-liter, atmospheric, 385 horsepower and a torque of 420 Nm.A large part of its part-cycle is a legacy of the GT3

That first movement to release the throttle, push in the clutch, insert second and go the opposite direction with the pedals it gets a bit magical, a touch primary, a little classic, hard, the clutch with the short distance, the feel of the lever… at that moment you only think a “ how wonderful!”… and this has only just begun.

– Morning to mid morning I will set sail with Juanma to the port of the Morcuera to give way to a new production, this session of photos could you see accompanying the proof of my teammate Pepe, but before that, today, I cross the M30 about regulatory 70 km/h, in sixth and at the point of the gas, governed by the deck of the pollution and the luminous signs that I warn him.

Yes, my first encounter with the Porsche Cayman GT4 could not be more mundane. On the highway to the M30 and M30 to the streets of Madrid, facing the traffic, the traffic lights and the narrow streets of my Malasaña heading to an appointment, gastronomic, with the lately as in the mouth Perrachica. Yes, I recognize that frown impatient and eager to return to me after your steering wheel. Was sentenced quinoa, asparagus, and my kebab.

Your clutch. That clutch of bare-bones route was postulated to me as their main escoyo strolling around these streets at the time that I’m surprised by a series of small “cracks” coming from your steering wheel, since the apply of your change. I love the philosophy rough, a little isolated, this car.

I tipped the ramp of the parking lot. Your front splitter I’ll warn you to be careful with the slopes. Is low, really low.

Your price seems to me indeed economic if we consider the face of what we are. Are 99.094 euros but its production, 2,500 units, is already exhausted.

Alcantara around me, an ancient multimedia system and the timer package Sport Chrono capping off the dashboard. The early morning gives me a total absence of traffic on my return home. Stop a few minutes in a parking lot to prepare some photos that I share on social networks, abandonment of the highway and down to “the long way home”. Blessed long ways.

A secondary road surrounded by trees. Under a fly, sink the accelerator and raised the block of 6-cylinder beyond the 6,000 laps at the time that the vega madrid is flooded by the exquisite melody of metal. One more gear. Brake. A march less. I speed up. Your behind is waddles…

What is agility, what a response. 385 hp move the set with a wonderful delivery that, once you have arrived at the curves is paired by an excellent part cycle where we can only fix some studs to your brakes, they seem to have lived better times and take us back to the odd chirp.

This harsh response of the clutch in city becomes now perfect. Each gear change reconciles us with the racing. An excellent touch of the address, a Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 that we returned to a perfect traction, suspension, properly discounted, hitting this lizard on the asphalt…

through the Sport button is activated the function of “tip-heel,” automatically.

a 20-minute ride through secondary roads. I get home and I look with a certain awe the ramp of the car park. With parking going very slowly, slightly swaying and leaving only 1 mm of space between the splitter and the asphalt. Before you close the garage door, I can’t avoid looking at it. What is sexy.

His silhouette casts a shadow over the 911 but that rear spoiler doesn’t ask us to war.

a Few hours remaining to go back to see Juanma and start with the photo session, but I can’t avoid sitting in front of the keyboard and sketch some lines on this car. It is easy to fall into nostalgia in full extinction of the naturally aspirated engines, the simplicity of the classical myths, but this Porsche Cayman GT4 invites you to think that the best is yet to come and yes, you will arrive turbos and more tech, but as long as we are enough loons will chaladuras like this. wild Things of the to fall in love with.

on the one hand I love the things analog. On the other, I think that the best is always yet to come and that the next Porsche 911 GT3, the successor of the Cayman GT4, we will conquer as you have done here. Yes, each time the cars are more rational, and perhaps the manufacturers are digging their own grave with this (what is more rational than not having a car?), but luckily, we still have small pockets of rebels.

Porsche is not just a car brand. It is a way of understanding the car and I just love that way of understanding them.

First time. Juanma ends the photos of the inside. Public something quick and we head to the mountain, to that particular set of ours that is the Morcuera. Sun, a perfect temperature and the winding route devoid of any other car that is not ours. Photos, curves, more pictures, more curves. A few leaves on the ground for a picture of autumn, photo at dusk and heading back to the center to end up with some photos in the city.

Just 24 hours ago fell in my hands the keys of the GT4, in a few hours we give this witness to Pepe, the result already know: Porsche Cayman GT4, to the test. “Look No further, here you have the best sport in 2015”.

in Between I have fallen surrendered at his feet, to his splitter. Its dynamics I have been in love with. I love the touch that comes from your direction, the implementation of their suspensions and of course, that manual switch. Of course its design is not far behind. That rear spoiler is adjustable at the flick of an allen key, those wheel arches fully rebosados by its 20-inch wheels… only subtracts from our unit to have the package clubsport, with the roll cage, with the backets.

This Porsche Cayman GT4 is an ode to motor racing more authentic. It is a real tribute to the fans. Purity, authenticity. A noble worship to the origins from the absolute present, making a gap between multimedia systems that are managed through gestural control, between the downsizing and turbo engines, between transmissions of the double clutch 7, 8 relationships…

I Hope that some crazy Porsche is already thinking of as being a bone, the soul, to give way to the next required whim. The next GT4, GT3 RS , R. The next dream with you dream of. With which to fall in love with. even an iota of “nonsense”, just driving and the love for the automotive industry, to flower of skin.

Us is a passion for cars. We continue to believe in the pleasure of driving.