Porsche Cayman GT4 RS: a dealer could have filtered the arrival of the model


The now famous and defunct post of Instagram.

For some it will be a possible leak and to other a simple blunder, caused by the excess of enthusiasm of a Community Manager, but the fact is that a Porsche dealership has stated in a post on Instagram that the brand is preparing a future version GT4 RS for the Cayman.

as you can see in the above image, taken by Car Advice before the post was removed, the dealer Porsche Centre Brisbane, Australia, recently published that to the high demand, finally had been given the green light to the model, which would be produced in a limited series.

Adding further that this would have more power thanks to the use of the engine of the 4.0-litre 911 GT3 RS, a six-cylinder boxer atmospheric in the nueveonce delivery 500 HP and 460 Nm, associated to an automatic gearbox PDK.


Porsche Cayman GT4.

Shortly after it removed the post, without correction or explanation whatsoever on the part of the grantee and was the division’s australian Porsche which denied the existence of the model to the questions of the local media. So by the time we still have no official confirmation of the launch of the model, rather the opposite.

Although this does not explain how it is possible that the Community Manager of that dealer official publication of that information. That was a confusion is clear, but is due to a crossing of the data and is, therefore, false or simply were firmed?. What is for sure is that the makers of the brand will have to answer to many questions in this regard in the coming months.

What is certain is that this possible version, the more radical of the Cayman already had
been rumored on occasion, however, at no point have we
able to find based on these speculations. A hypothetical Cayman GT4
RS with the the same power that the GT3 RS, better weight distribution thanks to
the central provision of the motor and about 80 pounds less of weight
, it would be
a fearsome weapon on the piste. We hope that it can become a reality.