Porsche celebrates one million units produced of the 911

The Porsche 911 has been produced continuously since the year 1963 and these days the German firm holds the output of the unit number one million of its plant located in Zuffenhausen.

Ornot of the sports most iconic just marked a historical milestone, as the Porsche 911 just hold the unit number one million out of the plant in Zuffenhausen, a model that the germans have produced in an uninterrupted manner since the year 1963.

To celebrate, Porsche added some distinctive elements to this 911, which is submitted with your body painted in Green color Irish, a shade that had many of the 911 of those early years, in addition to badges, gold alloy wheels which are reminiscent of the famous Fuchs and an interior where you do not need a steering wheel with wooden hoop.

More than 70 percent of all Porsche 911 manufactured to date are still rolling by different parts of the world, a figure difficult to match by other manufacturers.

This Porsche 911 number a million will not be sold to any customer, but on the contrary will occupy a place in the museum of the brand. Pbut before embarking on a trip around the world, in addition to participating in different events related to the brand Porsche, to then pass to rest in the Porsche Museum, along with the rest of the historical models of the German mark.