Porsche Classic Centre, a corner for the elders of the family

 Porsche Classic CentrePorsche is a brand that in the last few years is trying so hard to preserve his legacy, making it easier to vehicle owners, Porsche classics. Recently we have seen how the brand has begun marketing dashboards completely new for some models, as well as radios with integrated GPS for classic look. Now the Stuttgart bet on the Porsche Classic Centre.

in order to restore and maintain the older house, has opened in Gelderland, Netherlands, the first Porsche Classic Centre. This is the only site in the world solely specialized in the conservation of Porsche classics. On the premises there will be a dealer in the sale of classic models and a full workshop to undertake all the operations that any Porsche classic may need.

Porsche Classic Centre

There are several partners of the programme Porsche Classic for the world

The Netherlands is the first of the Porsche Classic Centre that are intended to open in different parts of the world. However, the collectors that Holland is far away, you can always go to any of the 24 centers Classic Partners, where also take care of with the best result these jewels. There are 10 centers in Germany and others in Estonia, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan,United Arab Emirates and more. In Spain there is none.

The Programme Porsche Classic will continue to grow, as the brand wants to ensure the best deal for your classic. It is estimated that 70% of the cars manufactured by the brand still linger. Open new centres Porsche Classic Center, and also will be searched for more specialists within the network of dealers, sharing facilities with the sale, maintenance and repair of modern models.

The staff of the Classic Center is specially trained in Porsche classic, while the employees of the workshops, the Classic Partners are also tools and specific documentation to ensure the highest quality in all processes of repair.
Source – Porsche