Porsche confirms that the Mission And and the Pajun will be the same model


Porsche Mission E.

Until now, all we took for granted the existence of both projects in parallel. On the one hand, the future sedan positioned under the range Panamera, smaller in size than this, and on the other, the production version of the Mission And concept for the brand desvelaba recently.

Has been the CEO of Porsche, Oliver Blume, which in a recent statement confirmed that both projects are actually the same, stating that the production version of the Mission And “keep settings 4-door sedan” and that will be positioned “in a segment lower than the Panamera.”

The words of Blume outlines a sedan smaller than the current Panamera as the final version of the Mission And, your first electric, so it would be very complicated to find us with two models of similar size in the same range. In addition to bury definitively the rumors that pointed to the arrival of a spiritual successor to the 928, a GT of a large size that it would become the first power of the German company.


Mule testing the future electric sedan.

The words of Blume fit also with the testing models that we have encountered in the last few months, that we show a modified Panamera, in addition to the strange units that seem to have a format SUV Coupe.

Currently, the new generation of the Panamera has a size which is quite considerable, the version of the short battle already measured 5.049 mm, us leaves plenty of space for a sedan with a total length between 4.5 and 5.0 meters.

According to Blume, the new electric sedan will offer different options of power and the ability to receive updates wirelessly, as their more direct rivals, the Tesla Model S and Lucid Air.


official Images of the Mission E.

The platform used for this model will be a new one developed by the German manufacturer ex-profeso, instead of using the C-BEV Audi or the MEB Volkswagen. This receives the name J1, and will be larger in size than the Volkswagen.

The aim of the brand is to have a base version with about 600
horses and a range of autonomy in around the 500 miles
. The
system load would be 800 volts, which will allow you to recharge
up to 80 per cent of battery in just 15 minutes. Its launch
it is planned for 2019, but probably, before we see another
concept that the future.