Porsche confirms the cancellation of the development of the 911 hybrid

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS
Although they take existing rumors of a possible 911 hybrid for several years, what is certain is that during the celebrations of the Porsche 911 number 1 million, a interview with Car & Driver made it clear that they had stopped this development; thus, the said August Achleitner, head of development for the 718 and the 911.

he Went on to explain that the hybrid model, which would be a alternative plug-in (PHEV) was originally intended to be a version more “green” of the next generation of the 992, in place of the 991 today. Thanks to having had batteries and electric motors, would have provided a good fuel economy and excellent figures in terms of CO2 emissions.

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS
However, the project stopped due to that they estimated that there were “more disadvantages than advantages,” said Achleitner. And is that for a car to be treated as a hybrid has to have batteries, and all this extra weight would have been a burden for the performance and handling of the car. Without counting that version PHEVS would be more difficult to produce to not be able to share a platform with any other model in the VAG Group, as do the rest of the hybrids of the group, so that would reduce profit margins.

The reaction of the enthusiasts 911 could have been another determining factor to dismiss the development of this 911 PHEV. The change to the models turbos still did not sit very well to the fans of Porsche, although the majority of people have been complaining about for close to two decades of the motors refrígerados by water.

therefore, after “dispose of” the project of a 911 hybrid, which could have been presented in 2020 with the new versions of 992, now the boys of Stuttgart focus on to make the 991 a car is still more efficient. It is unknown, that yes, at what stage of development the decision was made to cancel it, although probably Porsche has tested at least one prototype testing.

Porsche 911
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