Porsche Connect: connectivity of last generation in the new Panamera


One of the main keys new Porsche Panamera is, without a doubt, their technology. And in this, as it could not be otherwise in the present times, the connectivity and services online play an important role. One of its main novelties is Porsche Connect, which will be available in more than forty countries -including Spain – and which brings together numerous functions.

┬┐what is Porsche Connect? Working in conjunction with the latest generation infotainment system Porsche Communication Management, brings together different services that can be operated via the touch screen of the vehicle, or even by a smartphone. The system is compatible with the standard Apple CarPlay, and the phone itself is situated in a compartment dedicated in the center console.


This integration of the system mutimedia PCM with Apple CarPlay makes it available Siri -the voice control for the iPhone – and certain applications compatible phones apple. Unfortunately the compatibility with Android Auto is not available, although the application Porsche Connect is available in Google Play along with iTunes, and with it you can connect your Android mobile to the computer PCM.

Porsche Connect offers many other possibilities, distributed in three applications. The first of them is Car Connect, and includes the remote control of some functions of the car via an iPhone or Apple Watch: for example, we can learn to distance the mileage done, the remaining range, or even close the vehicle.

through the package navigation -included as standard in the new Panamera – adds GPS navigator, wireless 4G/LTE and access point Wi-Fi in the interior of the vehicle. All this is complemented by services online of navigation that allows to know the real time traffic, find a parking-free parking in a garage, or find the arrival and departure times of flights at an airport: ideal for business men.


finally, the service Porsche Connect Portal serves as the control center for managing all the information available in this service. And you wonder, how do you handle all this? The answer is the PCM, or Porsche Communication Management, the multimedia center with touch screen of 12.3 inches that includes the Porsche Panamera 2017. Your start screen is now customizable, and includes widgets for a more immediate access.

In the system PCM of new generation continues to including CD and DVD reader, USB inputs, two SD card ports and a jukebox with 10 GB internal capacity which can save the music coming from the USB inputs or SD. Finally, nor does it lack the traditional hands-free bluetooth to make or answer calls.

Porsche Connect, in videos