Porsche could have a third SUV below the Macan

In Germany claim that Porsche is developing a new SUV of small dimensions, to locate below the Macan. Would not enter the market before 2020.

Porsche Baby Macan (Proyección AutoBild) few can be left in doubt about the current market preference for the SUV. Marks premium quickly understood and Porsche already has two products within that segment: the Cayenne and the Macan. But the German publication AutoBild ensures that Porsche is working on a third model, in order to place it below the Macan.

Ensure that this new model will hit the market before the end of the decade, with a first advancement that will come in the form of a prototype, in any of the international shows in a period no greater than two years. It is believed that it will have look more aggressive that his two older brothers and is expected to have a line of roof very steep, with the style of a coupé.

At the mechanistic level it is possible to use a engine turbocharged four-cylinder in most of its versions, associated with a transmitter automatic dual-clutch. The rear-wheel drive will be standard, while it does not rule out the awd in its later versions equipped.

The details relating to the platform at the moment are unknown, but it is unlikely to adopt an architecture dedicated, but on the contrary, it is more feasible to adopt some of the platforms already present within the VAG group.

With respect to prices, obviously it is too soon to tell, but taking into account that it is a product that is to be located below the Macan in Germany offers starting from 60,000 €, the new ‘baby ‘ Macan’ should be moved below that figure. AutoBild also points out that the family Porsche will continue to grow with new models, among which is rumored to be a Panamera of smaller dimensions.

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