Porsche does not bet for the autonomous cars, but it will make hybrid versions of all its models

Porsche 911 Turbo Son The contrary, a large number of brands, among which we find both generalists and focus premium, the company, with headquarters in Stuttgart, Porsche has announced that has no plan to gamble for autonomous cars and instead, will continue to do so for the hybrids. Your bet is clear, have a version of these features in each of its models, meeting as well with a large hybrid range in which there will be the Porsche 911.

So emphatic it has been shown Oliver Blume, CEO of the brand. Despite the fact that in a first moment it could wait seeing the rest of the signatures, Porsche does not make cars autonomous. Blume has pointed out that those who purchase a Porsche you want to drive it, “want to drive your own car”. In the same way has made a comment witty in reference to this technology autonomous which asked: “An iPhone should be in the pocket, not on the road”.

Porsche 718 Boxster

Porsche 718 Boxster

With these declarations Porsche joins other brands that do not see with good eyes this innovation. Although, these companies manufacture sports cars, of sensations, and it would be illogical to build a car of passion that drive autonomously. On the other hand Oliver Blume has also stated that there is a difference between premium brands and those that produce sports, and the construction of autonomous vehicles is indicative of an important difference.

yes, the German brand has confirmed that it intends to offer a hybrid version in each one of their models. Of course the Porsche 911 will be not less, and it is expected to have its alternative ecological in 2018 with a configuration of plug-in hybrid. Despite the refusal of Porsche by the autonomous vehicles, the forecasts are clear, in 2025, this type of vehicles will be 13% of total sales.

Source – Autonews