Porsche does not forget the older and premier catalog of tires for classics

Porsche pampers its classic, and with good reason, have been responsible for shaping the legend that is today the German brand. In addition to 70% of all Porsche created remain today in a condition to be used and no, Porsche does not want the older of the brand will be left without spare parts and, of course, that includes your tires, what has made Porsche about it?

Of the hand Pirelli, Porsche introduces a new catalog of tires for models that go from 1959 to 2005, including a total of 32 references. The 356, 993, 964, 944, 968… now have new tires from which to choose.

These tires leave of the classic design original but incorporate technology and compounds modern and in addition to developing new tires for the street, Porsche has not forgotten those who are also circuit with his Porsche, creating also new tires for your track use.

by way of curiosity… do you know who has been involved in the development of these tires?

Don Walter Röhrl.


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