Porsche does not rely on the control system by gestures

bmw-serie-7 (1)needless to say, technology is advancing at a rapid pace and what today seems to us a novelty, tomorrow it’s obsolete. In the world of cars, of course, this trend is also true and increasingly more manufacturers are hesitant to bet on it, coming in some cases to look like a race to see who is able to be the first or the most current developments in the (technology offer. In this field the new BMW 7 Series has given a blow on the table, offering, among other things, the control system by gestures. A technology in which Porsche, for the moment, does not trust.

in the words of one of the directors of the company of Stuttgart in this section, the gesture control is not yet sufficiently evolved as to be implemented on the series cars. The same, in statements to CarAdvice, continues by saying that there are several drawbacks in this technology to find a solution. He ends by saying that by the time you do not see too much utility in this accessory, although if he admits that within a few years, when this system has evolved, will be a practical tool.

Nuevo BMW Serie 7 2016Some of these drawbacks which points are, for example, the fact that the driver must, in most cases, to learn numerous commands to handle the multi-media system, through this series of gestures. In the same way, and with reference to a road safety problem, in some of these movements, as that which is done to change track in the audio system, it can get confusing to the drivers of the other vehicles. And is that this is done by waving the hand, a maneuver that can be interpreted by the traffic that can put you in a dangerous situation.

Even so, these statements come when we know that Volkswagen plans to introduce this technology in the new generation of Golf. Some words which in any case seem to us to be curious by the fact that both brands belong to the same group.

Source – CarAdvice

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