Porsche Exclusive and customization without limits for the Porsche 911 2016


In the Porsche 911 2016 not missing many and varied possibilities of customization, from your optional equipment-as always, very extensive – to the details like your palette of exterior colors. In spite of this, you can always go beyond, and there is where comes Porsche Exclusive.

Thanks to the accessories signed by Porsche Exclusive for the new 911, the aesthetic goes much further, allowing you to create almost a unit as in where the limits of the places our imagination (and our wallet). In this way, Porsche Exclusive offers you numerous original accessories from the factory, without the need to resort to preparations ‘tuning’ of third parties.


These options will be available for the 911 MY2016, that is to say, all those versions that incorporate the recent ‘restyling’: 911 Carrera and Carrera S or 911 Turbo and Turbo S, whether Coupe or Cabriolet. Include exterior colors exclusive, as the Racing Yellow or Bordeaux Red, and exterior and interior customisation is quite extensive.

For example, the unit in yellow color is a Carrera 4S, and incorporates a beautiful alloy wheels Race Sport 20 inch, with shiny black finish. The casing of your key and the areas of instrumentation will also be customized in yellow, combining with your body.


The Turbo/Turbo S can also incorporate a pack aerodynamic gloss black (spoiler lower front and rear diffuser), air inlets in its rear fins in the same shiny black and drivers in the rear is obscured.

Other items offered by Porsche Exclusive are the mirrors Sport Design, logo of the model at the bottom of its doors, crystals sobretintados or exhaust outlets in black color. And in your car, in addition to the instrumentation in the same color of the body, we offer decorative moldings in wood, carbon fiber or brushed aluminum, as well as mats with specific edges in skin and foot pegs metallic entrance.