Porsche Exclusive teaches us a Porsche 911 loaded with wood, and you, are you more of a wood or carbon fiber?

we Know already Porsche Exclusive, the department of customization of Porsche, but, did you know that you can order your Porsche 911 with an interior full of wood? In its latest demonstration of intent this division of the German firm proposes a Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet with the atmosphere inside is very classic.

in Addition to wood, we can go to the carbon fiber, leather, alcantara or aluminium:

If you go to the catalog options Porsche 911 you will find yourself with the possibility of pairing the dashboard, the steering wheel, center console… with an offer of material that passes through the carbon fiber, aluminum, alcantara, leather, or, as in this case, the wood.

at this point we find a multifunction steering wheel heated mahogany 1.032 euros, a gear selector mahogany 611 euros and a “interior Package in mahogany” which, according to choose natural leather or artificial leather has a price of 1.819 or 1.534 euros and covers the front of the dashboard and console focused.

let us Remember that the new Porsche 911, now with turbo engine, has 370 horses in the case of the version “normal” and 420 cacaballos in the case of the version Carrera S. Its starting price is 107.653 euros for the first and 123.212 euros for the second (based on the coupe versions).