Porsche has already sold 209.894 cars this year: the 3 milestones commercial from Porsche in 2015

Who said that having a Porsche was synonymous with exclusivity? Who said that Porsche was a manufacturer dedicated to producing sports? Porsche has reached several milestones this year. the First milestone. For a start, this is the first time that the German brand managed to sell more than 200,000 cars worldwide in a year. Between January and November have been delivered 209.894 cars around the world, a figure that has even increased in December to assume a growth very significant with respect to the 189.849 cars that were delivered in 2014.

we Talk about some figures certainly impressive, for a manufacturer which bases its strategy in the sports, and luxury cars. Models that start, as a minimum, in the 57,000€. And at an average cost per vehicle to the nearest 100,000€ that to the 57,000€ the Boxster more economic.

Second milestone. Porsche has ceased to be a manufacturer of sports. Effectively what remains. Porsche manufactures some of the best sports in the world, that without hesitation we would have in our garage ideal. Server, which a few days ago was driving a beast like the Porsche Cayman GT4, gives faith of it. But to day of today already we can assure you, without hesitation, that Porsche manufactured each year SUV that sports.


  • Macan and Cayenne are consolidated as the brands with the most weight, by volume, of the range Porsche. Although the Macan has entered into force with the top of the most sold, and is still called to improve enough over its numbers with the introduction of mechanical more affordable, access, the Cayenne continues to be the goose that lays the golden eggs of Porsche. Macan and Cayenne already account for more than half of the sales of Porsche. Almost one of every three Porsche delivered worldwide in 2015 have been a Porsche Cayenne. The Cayenne has grown 14% this year, with 68.029 deliveries up to November, of the 209.894 total.

    Third milestone. China consolidates its position as the first market for Porsche. One out of every four Porsche manufactured end up in China. An amazing figure, if we bear in mind that China already acquired the double of cars that the country that gave birth to this brand, Germany. China has overtaken also the one who until now was the largest market for Porsche, united States.

    Until November 2015, this year they have sold 54.302 cars in China, 47.819 in the united States (down 5%) and 70.509 cars in the whole of Europe (up 10%).

    Source: Porsche
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