Porsche has patented a system of airbags for their roadster

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

The security of a vehicle is something that is studied much before a brand launch to the market. But in addition, there is a type of vehicle that should be tested and thoroughly studied by its idiosyncrasies. The roadster, convertible or rafters are the vehicles most vulnerable (ignoring motorcycles) because of the lack of roof, its occupants are exposed to certain injuries that should not suffer if they were in a vehicle with a metal roof.

The loss of this part of structure does your chassis have to be reinforced, in order to avoid losses in the torsional stiffness. Therefore, there are a number of security elements that have been refined over time. The example of the most common and known are the arches pyrotechnic roll which are located behind the headrests of the seats. These bars (as a rule) are usually hidden between the seats and the trunk, and only deploy if they detect that the vehicle is going to suffer a rollover.

Porsche Airbags Roadster

This revolutionary system will search for to create a zone of protection for the passengers of the vehicle, but obviously it can’t make up for the lack of roof. However brands are still working to improve the safety of these models. Porsche has presented a system (already patented in the Patent Office and Trademarks of the united States) that allows you to to accommodate an airbag in the windscreen frame of these vehicles.

If the vehicle is overturned will deploy this airbag (occupies the entire width of the vehicle) and protect the head of front occupants, as it would prevent injuries by blows with this part. In addition, this airbag will also be very beneficial in the event of another type of crash. Remember that the rafters are the frame of the windshield more raked than normal vehicles and therefore suffer a blow with this part is much easier than in a vehicle roof closed.

so soon this security system is only a patent, but is sure to Porsche does not take long to put it on the market. In addition, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it in vehicles with a roof, because it would help strengthen its security. So soon the testing of this system will begin very soon and when the German house what to have ready sure that we will offer more details.

Source – Porsche

Porsche Airbags Roadster
Porsche Airbags Roadster

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