Porsche inaugurates new plant of V8 engines in Zuffenhausen

Nueva planta motores V8 Porschetaking Advantage of the arrival of the new Porsche Panamera the company has opened a the new plant of engines of eight cylinders in V in the southwest of Germany. This is one of the factories of engines most modern in the world, equipped with the latest technology in the industry. The production will go at a breakneck pace since it is estimated that will come out of the plant 200 engines per day. It is expected that, when it is at full capacity, this plant will be the place where they manufacture all the mechanical V8 from the Volkswagen group.

Located in Zuffenhausen, a district located in the northern area of the city of Stuttgart, the new plant of V8 engines Porsche will have a few 400 employees. The manufacturer has invested 80 million euros in this new plant which has been ranked as one of the best in the manufacture of this type of engines. The president of the board of directors of Porsche, Oliver Blume, has declared that “Porsche is synonymous with high-performance engines sports: from the construction to the production in series”.

Nueva planta motores V8 PorscheAs it seems, the way of working that has arisen in this plant is very innovative. Employees will have a role of more responsibility in the construction of the engines, thus trying to avoid the monotony of classic works in the assembly line. Every 3.5 minutes will begin the assembly of a new V8 engine, mechanical to 6.2 hours it will be finished after 110 cycles of work.

Porsche plans to expand this factory so that it has acquired over 600,000 square feet. It is yet to reach the Mission And, a model that will generate 1,000 jobs and will invest about 700 million euros.

Source – Porsche

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