Porsche is studying the creation of a network of chargers for electric

Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybridit Seems that all trademarks are clear that the future automotive passes by having one or several electrical models in your range. However not all brands have the same level of development nor do they want to go at the same speed. One of the brands that looked like it was going to take his time so as not to cause hysteria among his faithful was Porsche. However, has not affiliated with the Volkswagen Group with the Dieselgate may be this is the only solution that have to be original and to be liked by the customers.

Porsche has already shown us its concept electric Mission And and we already know the autonomy with which should reach the market. However the signing of Stuttgart knows that the autonomy of electric vehicles is a handicap to beat and this is why would be thinking of creating its own network of chargers electrics. With them the future range of electric models of Porsche could make the trips they do now without having to make big stops to charge the batteries.

Tesla enchufeKnowing the situation in which it is immersed Porsche and the statements of Oliver Blume in the Paris motor show we can tie up more ends. According to Blume Porsche has set the objective to develop a network of chargers for electric vehicles. However, it is not clear if it will only be for the models of the German manufacturer or shared with other brands.

This intention would be seconded by the highest chiefs of the Volkswagen Group, because all brands of the group would be working in the same direction that Porsche. Therefore in addition to that it can be used the subsidiaries of the German conglomerate (Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, and Seat) also would like to have more brands or groups of marks, in order to reduce their cost of development and is more cost effective commissioning.

According to Oliver Blume Volkswagen Group and Porsche are in contact with other manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world, including Tesla, to build a network of fast charging for electric vehicles. These conversations are necessary since the whole world has the same need for their vehicles. For this to be so, would have to agree several and set a standard both for the rating of the plug, the charging connectors, the electronics of the vehicles and the payment for its use. However to agree on a technical standard seems simple, but deepening on economic issues seems to be another thing.

What will happen? Time will tell.

Source – Porsche

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