Porsche Macan 2019: The first images of the development of the facelift


The Macan will receive soon a soft drink.

These are the first images of the development of the new Macan facelift. The German mark is already preparing the release of SUV smaller size of your range, we can expect a slight update, that will affect on everything to your technical scheme and equipment, with a few aesthetic touches, as is customary at the signing of Stuttgart.

The Macan arrived at the market at the beginning of 2014, after being presented a few months before, at the end of 2013. Initially the range had versions of gasoline and diesel, the Macan S, and was crowned by the Macan Turbo with 400 horses, to which soon were added to the Macan as the version of access and the relatively short time the Macan GTS, intermediate step located under the more radical Turbo.

In these images we can not appreciate too many changes, the Macan already has some of the last traces of the brand, but it is logical to think that we will see how to change certain details, as the optical systems or the bumper.


behind LEDS to be hidden with vinyl and 4 exhaust outlets.

The unit of the pictures with the headlights current while the rear takes totally hidden. Although the vinyl that covers the rest has the same form and size as the riders mounted the model currently, so that we understand that its design will be modified, probably in a way similar to that used by the new Panamera.

In his behind discover the 4 exhaust outlets circular, indicating that this must be the version Macan Turbo, although body panels can’t deduct it, because despite not having more camouflage, you do not have new visible.

the arrival of The new Macan facelift for the time being remains a
mystery, although it should be sometime between 2018 and 2019, which is
when your met half of its life cycle.