Porsche might be evaluating a visibility version of its Macan

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Volkswagen Group is showing several new products in the Geneva motor show. The managers of each firm are defending to the hilt and the head of sales of Porsche, Detlev Von Platen, has made some statements that we have activated the parabolic antennas. As we know, the German conglomerate is working to electrify its range of models.

This we already have almost forgotten, as because of the Dieselgate have been in this situation to the force. Porsche is one of the brands that are under the umbrella of the German giant, and as is logical, is also not escape out of the electrification. However, their electric models have a sporty that never ever will get the rest of models such as sisters (with the exception of Lamborghini, of course).

The words of Von Platen has been aimed towards the possible launch of an all-electric vehicle in Porsche. According to the head of sales of the signature, it is possible to offer an electric version for one of their SUV and as it is logical, it would be neither more nor less than the Macan. In addition, not only would this version of “zero emissions” but that could also have a hybrid type.

Porsche Macan Turbo 2016

Currently at Porsche are working hard to launch in the year 2020 the Mission-E, its first electric car by full. However, according to words of Von Platen “we have other ideas beyond the Mission And,” with what leaves the door completely open to the arrival of an SUV electric. In addition, as the justification would have to be the best-selling model of the brand, the numbers would be easier than cuadraran.

all in all, in addition, expect to be able to bring to market hybrid versions of the 911 and Boxter/Cayman making their consumption and emissions dropped significantly. To do this tirarían of the experience that has accumulated in the Panamera and Cayenne hybrids sold today. This turn away the ghost of the regulations anti-pollution of the signature and remarcarían its exclusive character.

With all waiting for the year 2020 to sell close to 300,000 units of their cars. The idea is to launch the same models but with different versions of driving in the different markets in which they are present. Thanks to this, it would be worded better than anyone the ups and downs of each market and the sales would be much better driven by the good image of the firm.

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