Porsche Mission E Concept: Zuffenhausen cracking the Tesla Model S

Porsche has left us speechless in Frankfurt. Just introduced the Mission E Concept, a 100% electric sports sedan . A German cracking the Tesla Model S, órdago intended to end his supremacy. With 600 hp and 500 km of electric range , and zero emissions of carbon dioxide. In addition, a car that anticipates future practical solutions and the future design language of Porsche. And the fact that electricity has come to Zuffenhausen to stay, like it or not want.

super benefits, inheritance of Le Mans

In its chassis polymers, carbon fiber and aluminum for lightweight construction combined.

The Porsche Mission E is an amazing electric sedan, which bases its technical superiority on the experience gained at Le Mans with the 919 Spyder. Its two electric motors allow the car to have all-wheel drive, and develop a combined output of 600 hp. It is one of the first systems of 800 volts to leave the world of racing to the streets. It allows this four-door coupe accelerate to 100 km / h in just 3.5 seconds , and up to 200 km / h in less than twelve seconds. Supercar performance worthy of a high-flying.

porsche-mission-e-concept-6 With four-wheel steering system and the Torque Vectoring, Porsche insists that it is a machine designed to devour both curved and straight. The battery can be recharged to 80% in just 15 minutes using the Porsche Turbo Charging. A system that requires high voltage connected to the charging port, located on the left front fender of the car. More amazing than the recharge time is the fact that it can travel 500 km on a single charge, an achievement that only the Tesla Model S gets right now.

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The electric sedan of the future is sexy

it we like it or not, the future of Porsche sports cars is electric.

Tesla us has made it clear If we want an electric car to succeed, it must be nice , and not look technological: it should be. The Porsche Mission E gets him with an outward appearance that is inspired by the Porsche Sport Turismo Concept a few years ago, and adds more spice. The front is the part that impresses with a dignified appearance of a 918 Spyder and unmistakable optical and four LED pilots. In its side profile highlights a 22-inch wheels authentic rollers.

porsche-mission-e-concept-3 At the rear stands a band of LEDs straight, similar to the one we find ourselves in a 911 or prototype mentioned above. In its interior emphasize the almost ethereal construction of the seats and instrument panel OLED . This instrumentation has a camera that detects the movement of our eyes and move the clocks or increases in size, preventing it locks his vision in no time. The controls are tactile and dashboard surfaces has reflected holographically information about the car and its systems.

The smartphone plays a key role, allowing remote control of many functions of the car through a link called Porsche Connect . We can download updates for the chassis, improved versions of applications or systems on board. Definitely, the future is electric and connected. And like it or not, Porsche also will.

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Source: Porsche
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