Porsche Mission E, the upcoming electric Porsche to nude in this video

Porsche Mission E ConceptThe brand of Stuttgart continues working on what will be one of his most important works of the century, the Porsche Mission And. It is the first model 100% electric brand, a car that was innovative in all of its sections. In addition to assembling a mechanical system is novel, the sport will have a futuristic design that, in the production version will remain faithful to the final prototype. Precisely the paragraph aesthetic is the one that explains Porsche in this video that has just been published, a few images that leave the Mission And the naked.

The Porsche Mission And that we have seen until now in concept form teaches a design-really futuristic. One of the keys of this model is that the production version will respect that aesthetic, making it one of the sections most prominent of the vehicle. In the following video in addition to showing the secrets of the line that follows the body of the Mission And, they see the system as the system of control by gesture, accessories that join a complete equipment.

Porsche Mission E ConceptAlthough where more are working engineers is in the mechanical system, and is not for less. The Mission And will be used to move two motors permanent magnet-synchronous with the declare around 600 horse power. This system will offer 500 km of autonomy and can travel 400 km with only 15 minutes of charge. This will be possible thanks to the Porsche Turbo Charging, another of the new systems that the mark be shown at the Mission E. All with an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds.

Here is the explanatory video of the Porsche Mission E. A car that will serve as the inspiration for the models that are coming soon and for which the brand is betting from the start.


Source – Porsche