Porsche now creates reproductions of classic boards for 911


Porsche continue coddling the owners of the 911 classics. After multimedia system presented a few months ago, now they announced the arrival of a board turnover , following specifications and maintaining the appearance original product.


Porsche Classic (Tableros originales) N here is no doubt that Porsche is a company that takes special care to try maintain the legacy of their classic cars. Among the services provided to owners of classic is its restaurant service, support clubs enthusiasts of these models and care for the pieces that make up the museum. However for some months also began to develop certain accessories specifically designed to classical models.

Porsche Classic now manufactures complete for the 911 classic boards.

Thus it was debuted recently a system of information and entertainment that keeping the design of the original radios 911 1970 , offers the latest advances that technology can offer in a system multimedia for the car, which even includes a browser and keeps the proportions and even the appearance of original equipment , to fit in the same place, without disrupting the harmony of the interior.

But they have now gone further, announcing that the company is offering reproductions of complete boards of the 911 produced between 1969 and 1975 . This is a completely new piece, designed and manufactured according to the original specifications, which means that there will be any difference with the original product.

But the lower structure is built using technology that was not available in those years, preserving the exact appearance. The brightness and textures reproduce the original product as true, although the use of new technologies ensure its durability will be increased to external agents such as humidity or the sun.

This product Parts can only be installed professionally because the windshield must be removed. The cost in the US is $ 1,353, which does not include installation.





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