Porsche: other and less well-known shooting brake of the German mark


Porsche 928-4 1984.

The last novelty of the German brand is the Panamera Sport Turismo, a variant shooting brake sedan, with a specific finish to the rear, increasing the trunk volume and allowing for the first time the inclusion of a bench 3 seater in the rear in the range Panamera.

however, this is not the first time that Porsche has developed a body of this type, because as we have been taught today, the leaders of the historical collection of the brand, already in his day studied this possibility in other models of the firm, although the project is not spent in the studio and never came to the dealers.

The issue that has been presented to Dieter Landenberger, head of the historical archive, is a prototype based on the Porsche 928, named 928-4, with an extended platform and 4 squares useful, in addition to certain minor modifications with respect to the conventional model.


behind is The more peculiar of the model.

The striking features of this unit is his particular back. Instead of having the large fall of the roof and its rear window angle, this extends a few inches more, which is perfectly visible in the windows in the rear, that lose their triangular shapes in favor of a trapezoidal shape, which modifies severely the lateral aspect of the 928.

Next to this we find a few new headlights fixed, with projectors, ellipsoidal in place of the optical characteristics retractable model.

Was created by [Development Centre of Porsche in Weissach in the mid-eighties, specifically in 1984, taking a 928 S as the base and increasing the distance between axis 25 centimeters. On the outside the differences are clear, but on the inside we must find the distance between the seats. The 928 had two large butacones rear, separated by the huge transmission tunnel, on which is placed a console.


The interior receives a decoration in green.

These were separated by a few centimeters of the seats
front, so that despite the ample space in cross section,
longitudinally speaking, there was very little space for the legs. In
the case of the prototype 928-4 we have 20 extra inches,
that makes it a 4 seater useful in place of a mere 2+2.

The inside has a unique decor, all the plastics are in dark green, as is the leather upholstery, which is a large part of the passenger compartment. The green also extends to the crystals, as they have been tinted in that tone.

Porsche 928 H50

Even if the mark has not mentioned, what is certain is that there was another specimen with similar characteristics, but exploring another possibility of the body to the 928, body extended, and 4 side doors.


The 928 H50 is the 4-door version of the 928.

The project of the Porsche 928 H50 was back to the 928-4, this was created in 1987, and also has an extended platform, although the treatment of the rear is somewhat different from the 928-4.

The main novelty is the introduction of two small side doors, opening a suicide, in the style of what decades later became Mazda with the RX-8. These are very visible as they have two small windows with frames very visible, which completely transforms the side view of the usual model.

In regards to the rear, again we find a roof extended instead of the sloping rear window and the side windows lost their triangular shapes in favor of a wider trapezoidal shapes. The rear window, visibly more vertica serves tailgate. Although the finish is somewhat less vertical than in the 928-4.


Battle extended, and 4 doors for the 928 H50.

This model was a secret that Porsche kept jealously until 2012, at which time officially presented at Pebble Beach, precisely after unveiling the prototype Sport Tourism which anticipated the lines and the name of the current Panamera Sport Turismo.


Although the previous two models were a secret jealously guarded by the German brand, what is certain is that is able to see in the streets some 928 with the particular finish shooting brake.

of course talk of preparations aftermarket, some of dubious taste, but that fit perfectly with the type shooting brake.


Preparation aftermarket of the 928, signed by ARTZ.

Some preparers germans, as ARTZ, created these conversions,
both the 928 as for the other models of the German brand
, as the
924 and 944. In the same way that the strange versions shooting Brake Corvette in north America, these versions Kombi or shooting brake
were a minority, even if they were available to everyone who
wanted. Although there were too many, ARTZ just came to make a
of his quirky 928 Kombi.