Porsche Panamera 2017, so is his silhouette


The new Porsche Panamera 2017 will be presented next June 28, during the celebration of the Paris Salon 2016. The parisian event will serve to unveil the second generation of the sports sedan live and in-person, but until then we will assist to a continuous drip of information and images regarding the new sports.

Today we bring you a sketch that reveals your silhouette, soon after knowing the date of his debut and the first official image that shows part of the design of the rear. The first generation of the Panamera was unveiled in Shanghai during the Auto show held in 2009 and though we can not speak of failure as a product, if it is true that even the designers have stated that could have been more beautiful. This will change in the second generation.


Porsche declares that the new Panamera will be more Porsche than ever, refers you, you will not stumble again with the same stone. Your design will be noticeably more in keeping with the latest models of the manufacturer, most beautiful, sporty and elegant. Combine the sportiness of the Porsche, with the comfort and luxury that are only able to offer sedans, high-end.

In fact, the German manufacturer revealed that the new saloon will have characteristics of competition vehicles as the “Launch Control”, rear axle directional or the sports exhaust system. Not to mention that at least you have two bodies: a sedan and family Shooting Brake that we have descuberto through our spy photos.


The second generation of the Panamera is based on the new modular platform MSB, which provides increased rigidity and less weight, which increases the sporting qualities of the sedan. Your cabin will be simplified as we saw in a snapshot at the beginning of the year, away from that central console filled with buttons.

Under the hood we also find thrusters six-or eight-cylinder new generation more powerful and efficient. Version top of the range will be filled by a new block V8 4.0-liter that will provide 550 HP and 700 Nm of torque available by 2,000 rpm until the 6.800 turns. Not to mention a hybrid variant plug-in, evolution of the current.