Porsche Panamera 2017, the naked in their spy photos final


we Hoped that the new Porsche Panamera give released taking advantage of the Geneva motor show 2016. However, the manufacturer germano has finally decided to delay its official introduction: not much is being done to beg, and it will be a matter of weeks to the release. Here what we have again in these spy photos near the Arctic, putting the final touches to their tests.

The development of the Porsche Panamera 2017 is already almost complete, and this unit test gives good faith. The camo is virtually non-existent and is only limited to stickers on your optics front and rear, showing clearly how the appearance of the second generation of the model. effectively business as usual is perhaps the word that best describes it.

Indeed, in the design of the Porsche Panamera 2017 do not appreciate radical changes or major developments with respect to the current. Conceived as an evolution, your style and silhouette will be perfectly recognizable, since it is precisely their headlights and rear -as well as new details in his bumper – the details that will change in a glance.


Despite this, all the panels of your body will be new, so the renewal is more profound than it may seem, conveying a style that is more refined and elegant. Its front remind you of the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept, presented in 2012, and in the skeleton, we find large changes: the Panamera will use the new modular platform MSB, composed of high-strength steels, aluminum and even composite.

In this way, the Porsche Panamera 2017 will be lighter: weight reduction will be about one hundred kilograms less with respect to the current, with all that this implies in terms of benefits of consumption, performance or dynamic behavior. In addition, you will have a greater structural rigidity. This platform MSB it will also be used in the future Bentley Continental.

This generation will premiere a new version, the Porsche Panamera Shooting Brake with rear elongated. We look forward to more changes in its interior, with new multimedia systems and fewer buttons: the screens and buttons completely touch take over. Its range of engines will continue to include six and eight cylinders, coupled to a plug-in hybrid, all of them with improved efficiency and lower consumption.