Porsche Panamera Mansory, the more powerful and eye-catching

Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera has introduced their new generation a few months ago. This is an upgrade that deep has taken special account of the requests of the customers. By its nature of sports, the coaches tend to use it in their works. And so, without expecting too much, Mansory, one of the leading in this guild, has chosen the German model. I present to you the Porsche Panamera Mansory, eye-catching and radical in all senses.

The company of preparations has sought to highlight the sporting character of the Porsche Panamera with several details in carbon fiber. These elements of the aerodynamic stand out the personality that we have mentioned of the model, in ways very radical to accentuate their muscles. The color that adorns the bodywork is the most striking aspect of this preparation, because it is a red chrome with details in yellow.

Porsche Panamera

The set is well completed thanks to a huge wheels, 22-inch, a motif that follows the color scheme of the body. The interior benefits from seat sport contrast stitching and embroidered Mansory. Highlight several details in this car, with floor mats and exclusive finishes on the doors and dashboard.

Mansory states that have touched the (mechanical to raise up in 34 horse power the power of the engine. The only problem is that we don’t have information on the version that has undergone these changes, and if we consider that the sedan has a good number of variants, you will understand that soon we can guess. It has been featured in the Hall of Ginebera.

Source – Mansory

Porsche Panamera
From 91.829 euro