Porsche presents new tyres for your classic

Porsche neumáticos para clásicosPorsche is a special mark, no doubt. A sign that it shows is that about 70% of the vehicles that has built the brand from Stuttgart are still operating and able to roll. To thank its customers this intensive care have decided to launch a new catalog of tires specific for your classic vehicles, thus leaving it clear that does not forget ‘the older’.

To this end has enlisted the help of Pirelli, which has worked to get new tires that fit the needs of the vehicles before. This includes a a classic aesthetic, like their carriers, but with the benefits of the technology today. Therefore, it is expected that its performance is remarkable. Will launch no less than 32 new references.

Porsche neumáticos para clásicosWith these new references cover models manufactured between 1959 and 2005. Among them are included the Porsche 356, the Boxster (986) or several 911 (964, 993 or 996). It also includes some models, transaxle like the Porsche 924, 928, 944 and 968. In total making a sum of 161 references of summer tyres and up to 131 reference of winter tires for these classics.

it Is noteworthy that the development of the tyres has been carried out by Walter Rörhrl in person. In the words of the champion, “la new generation of tires is more appropriate to the driving style of a sports car”. In this way Porsche makes it clear that it remains concerned by the state in their classic and that is not going to stop serving them, and facilitate things.

Porsche neumáticos para clásicosSource – Porsche

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