Porsche pure lust: the best video you’ll see today

Probably you had not heard of Autoaktiv Motorsport. A little settled on the outskirts of Munich workshop, run by a former employee of Porsche, which makes the precious Lightspeed Classic . A high level preparation on the classic Porsche 911 , similar to wrought by Singer Design in America, but perhaps even more devotion and focus on driving more focused than aesthetics. Tim Schrick dance makes one of these precious 911 classics in the best video you’ll see today.

The driver Tim Schrick has recorded this beautiful video for their official channel.

In her womb, beats engine of Porsche 964 RS, 3.4 air-cooled boxer which has been boosted to 360 hp. The seats are of a Porsche 997 GT2 . The gearbox and injection system of a 993 … could go to infinity, but rather write an article to the bottom of Lightspeed Classic, which soon will have on the screen. Stay with the moral: the car has the best of the best of all generations of the Porsche 911. Of the best, the top


Check who have to take the room: the images that follow are not suitable for all audiences. They are for the exclusive use and enjoyment of a true petrolhead. The deserted roads of the port of Rotterdam are the perfect setting for an automotive lust that can rarely enjoy . The mere rhythm of the throttle bodies with fan air cooled engine is capable of doing to tears at Porsche’s male fan in the room. Press play. And.

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