Porsche record-breaking sales for the fifth consecutive year

Porsche Macan cuatro cilindrosNothing less than five consecutive years leading Porsche beating their own sales records. The company, with headquarters in Stuttgart continues to grow in all the sections. Either in units sold, as in the total income, not to mention his template, which has also received in recent years a number of new employees. A great performance with the return to be proclaimed as the brand’s most profitable in the world.

In the section on sales, the firm has closed the year 2015, with nearly 225,000 cars sold, which implies a growth of 19% compared to the previous year. The family Porsche, made by the new 718 Boxster, the Cayman, the popular 911, the Cayenne, Macan and Panamera, not to mention the 918 Spyder, has been chosen by more customers, and in particular the 918 Spyder, which announced a limited production, he sold all of his units in a short time.

Porsche 911 RIn the same way the signature belonging to the Volkswagen group entered 21.500 billion euros in the past year, 25% more than in 2014. Similarly, the operating profit was 3,400 million euros, ending with the same percentage growth that the total revenue, a 25%. Their famous models continue liking it, and those who came to the range recently, as the Macan are becoming more and more known.

finally 2015 ended with a total figure of employees that amounted to 24.481, an amount 9% higher if we compare it with 2014. Happiness is the atmosphere in the company, so we are not surprised that they have invested billions of euros in a new project that will conclude at the end of the decade with the arrival of the Mission And, the first model 100% electric brand.

Source – Porsche

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