Porsche reveals, with trap, the design that will be the next 911 (996)

a few days Ago, we told you that Porsche had suffered in their flesh the filtering design that will be behind of the next generation of the 911 (996). This situation, as will be understood all over the world, it has not been pleasant for the signing of Stuttgart, as strip earth of all the work that has been accomplished by the workers of the brand so that your design will not be seen unveiled before the time. Therefore, and as the saying goes, “if you can not with your enemy, become his friend.”

The idea that it has happened to Porsche, to honor it the best way possible so wise words, has been to reveal three snapshots in which we can see the next generation “nueveonce”. However, the only thing that we could appreciate your body (permanent or not) covered in a dense layer of camouflage black and white that hides its main design lines.

With everything, there is to be a specialist in design to see that under this mask are the basic lines of design, the Porsche 911 takes to wearing since birth. What stands out in your view, are the big air intakes that you have on the lower part of the front bumper and its alloy wheels new design (and generously sized) painted in black color.

Another detail, in this case the interior, that is evident in the snapshots are their little (and useless) rear seats, so that it is understood that the next generation will keep them. At the technical level, few are the news confirmed, but one would imagine that neither will leave the classical configuration of your engine, that is to say, located behind the rear axle.

In any case, and as confirmed by the same August Achleitner, Product Manager of Porsche, for now does not provide for an electric version of the 911. Where yes that would have changed of idea is in the inclusion of a hybrid version with the that reduce consumption and emissions. Finally, in the words of Achleitner

a 911 will always have a steering wheel, will be one of the last cars to behave autonomously”

In this way, we can stay calm, because the technology of self-driving that the Volkswagen Group is developing will not come to this model mythical. At least, in this next generation, the others, we’ll see what happens and what to ask for the market, which in the end is the one that pays and sends.

Source – Porsche

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