Porsche shows us his idea of the connectivity in their cars

¿That means the connectivity to Porsche? In the words of their manager for Spain, Tomás Villén, is the extension of the life of the people in a vehicle. And is that the solutions advanced connectivity of Porsche are designed to provide a utility and sensations to its users, because everything revolves around the mobile phone of last generation.

In reality, we talked mainly of iPhone, because the connectivity system, Porsche only works with this platform. Given that 80% of the customers of Porsche are brand phones Apple, there is no support for Android. It is not ruled out that in the future, but “today we have no plans for Android Auto”, said Ivan Burgos, Connected Car, Manager for Spain.

we took advantage of an encounter between Porsche, Spotify, and Twitter in Madrid to test the new system. Simply connect your iPhone via USB cable to the car, and the system is available with a touch of confirmation. The interface is the same that you can find in a humble Opel Karl, so that its use is trivial. That depends more on Apple CarPlay that of Porsche, obviously. To understand it, the car is only a shell of the system.


There are two packages of connectivity, Porsche Connect and Connect Plus, the latest applications, self-service access to Internet, etc.

The system allows the driver to interact with the applications you use most frequently, such as the phone itself, Twitter, Google Maps/Earth/Street View, music is stored internally, a search through Siri, Spotify, etc This, of series, but it has many possibilities in the future. According to Pepe López de Ayala, managing director of Twitter in Spain, “The world of apps is unstoppable”.

Porsche Connect, in its Plus version, is open to the development of new applications, from both the own brand and for third parties. The goal is to provide the drivers of Porsche the maximum of possibilities provided by the Internet connection to the day-to-day. For example, you can synchronize the calendar with the car, and if you have made an appointment at a specific location, the navigation program itself to save time.

it is Also possible to be connected to the present by Twitter. You can link the timeline or favorites of the user, and read the tweets in place. In the case -very common – that the time line has a lot of noise, reading tweets can take as long as you take the same trip. There is also the ability to send tweets in the car, we were able to look live, yes, with the car stopped or almost stopped. This is done so by legal restrictions. Needless to type, it can be done with orders vocal, yes, calmly.


we Attended the launch of the first tweet from a Porsche in Spain

The future of technology is a challenge for Porsche, a manufacturer known for having the overwhelming majority of the cars that has been manufactured in a state of circulation, given the high purchasing power of its owners. The car can survive the technology: “If the apps they no longer have a digital life, will no longer be in the car”, said Tomás Villén attendees.

But to what extent is it so important to the connectivity? According to the data of the last sales of Porsche Ibérica, the package Connect has been chosen by eight out of ten customers. It is a equipment widely demanded. To maintain the current system, you can download updates software via the Internet, always with the permission of the owner.

new Porsche with Connect Plus have a connection to high-speed Internet, 4G LTE, that you can share with up to five devices on board via WiFi. Not only that, the antennas of the car to improve the reception of mobile network and data on the phone itself, it by housing it in the chest center between the seats. Using the antennas of the car reduces the loss of coverage and the courts, especially by changing cell in the mobile network.


the future of mobility is linked inherently to the technology, and the boundaries between everyday life and the trips are very diffuse. You can ask for the location of the car and visualize it with a Apple Watch, or end of the navigation guidance where the car can no longer continue (see Venice or an area closed to traffic).

The makers of Porsche showed to be confident on the high-effective technological solution based on Apple’s CarPlay, it should not become obsolete in the medium term. And what about beyond? “we do Not rule out any option for the future”, said Ivan Burgos. However, we all know of examples of effective relatively short in the digital world, as happened with ICQ, MySpace or MSN Messenger.

Can one day go to Twitter or Spotify, but not to Porsche. Said its founder the last car that will be built will be a sports. Within many years, the Porsche, which now leave the factory with connectivity surely will continue to circulate even though not everything will work as it came out of the factory. And is that the cars of this brand are experts in survival. You may lose the connectivity, but will the feelings.