Porsche Sound Night, the classics come to life at night in the Porsche Museum (video)

Porsche Sound NightCall me crazy, but when I go to a museum of classic cars I’d like to hear all and every one of the units that rest there. As you well know Porsche takes great care of his classics, so much so that his Porsche Museum contains there classic of great value. One of its more eye-catching, and that goes for its fifth edition, is the Porsche Sound Night.

Yes, there can be listen to some of the best sports of the brand of Stuttgart, a collection of classic cars and not-so-classics that animate the ears of the wizards, a magical night for the hobbyist, a night in which to relive the past. Not only thanks to the orchestra provided by the cars.


In the Porsche Sound Night you can hear stories of the pilots that ran to the controls of the car exposed. But what more interesting and intense to listen to those beasts, that we often see exhibited on the premises of the brand. All of them are in running order and are not cut off when you upload turns those old mechanical.

This issue has been referred to models as a Porsche Type 64, 1939, a gorgeous aerodynamics, that it inspired the future 356. Units, by the way, were also represented with, for example, a Type 356 from 1948. The 911 was present through different generations, including units of competition. Not missing the appointment the Porsche 959 or the 911 4×4 that ran the Paris-Dakar in 1984.

In short, an event to aim for in the calendar that is celebrated in the Porsche Museum. The Porsche Sound Night leaves us and a new edition full of exciting sound that you can hear in the video that we have left.

Source – Porsche

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