Porsche started the production of V8 engines in its new factory

Porsche - Fábrica de motores V8

This plant has a capacity of daily production of 200 V8 engines.

Porsche gives a new step to face the years ahead with the start-up of production at its new plant of engines of eight cylinders. This is a new factory in which, for the moment, will the specific engine of that displacement. At full capacity, with 400 employees, this new plant will be able to build around 200 engines a V8 on a daily basis.

To put in place these new facilities, Porsche has had to make an investment of about 80 million euros. All the tools of the assembly line have been tailored to simplify and optimize the tasks of the workers. Every 3.5 minutes begins the assembly of a new engine. Each engine of eight cylinders occurs in 6.2 hours in 110 cycles of work, of which 71 are in the areas of manufacturing.

it should Be noted that the construction of this the new plant of engines of Porsche began at the beginning of the year 2014 and is located in the expansion area west of the centre of main production of Porsche in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Account with a constructed area of around 10,000 square metres. It is subdivided in two levels: on the ground floor we have the logistics and the higher the engine assembly.

Porsche - Fábrica de motores V8

In the future will also produce electric motors.

This new plant of engines of Porsche will also help the synergies within the Volkswagen Group. And is that the idea is that in this new plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen can be to produce the V8 engines that used the rest of the brands of the German group. Currently models like the new Porsche Panamera or Porsche Cayenne have in your range with V8 engines.

in Addition, there is a very important data that has been confirmed Porsche, and is that this plant will produce in the future electric motors. That is to say, the engines that will use the brand in the future electric cars and/or hybrids. It has also been noted that later were put in place by different investments to expand the assembly hall of bodies and other areas of the Development Center Weissach.