Porsche wants to end the “resale” of their cars

Porsche 911 R

In recent years, we are living in a authentic bubble with the cars classic, but also with the cars new luxury. Formerly, as a general rule, who would buy a luxury car or a supercar to premiere was a wealthy person but also passionate about cars, engineering and construction works. Today, logically, there are also many people of money who buy them, but not used for what they really are manufactured the cars, to enjoy and use them.

These people are speculators, simply looking to increase your fortune and really the car I don’t give a damn; they just want to have an object that a few months or a few years later has a value much higher than the price for which they bought it. Not only does this feel bad to potential customers, but there are also manufacturers who want to try to sell their new cars to customers that actually go to enjoy and not seek to increase its current account.

Porsche 911 R

Ford already did “tests” to customers interested in its new Ford GT, so as to ensure that your supercar out to tread the streets and not simply to decorate a room or, even, to be saved in a gigantic box. Now is Porsche you start to get tired of the speculators of their new cars, because it looks like their limited series is depleting very fast and then, after a short time, appear to sale for outrageous prices.

Although, first, it may seem that this is not a problem for a manufacturer for Porsche, since the end of the day they sell their car quickly, stain your image to other customers yes would be interested in using and enjoying their cars. Even if a car brand is a company, it is logical that a manufacturer of premium also like that their cars perform the purpose for which they were built: to enjoy it.

In a recent interview Car & Driver, Andreas Preuninger, head of development of vehicles GT of the brand, he stated that “personally I like to see that my cars are used. For that we construct. They are too good to leave them catching dust”. He added, moreover, that “the goal of limiting the production of a car is not that to gain value.”

Porsche 911 R

Some customers who bought the Porsche 911 R have complained after the update of the 991 911 GT3, now yes, it offers manual change. Probably those upsets and complaints to Porsche to come because his intention when buying the 911 R was to make money, because at the time it was one of the few opportunities to buy a “pure blood” to premiere with a manual transmission. When you have more versions (and units) are available, your sale price low.

As the production of Porsche is limited, you know to control which cars are actually in use and which are not, also knowing logically to its owner. It seems that the signing of Stuttgart has in mind vary the selection processes of customers who demand their models more limited each time we launch a new series. With all of this, if you are a speculator, Porsche already does not want you to buy that car if the demand exceeds the production, because “steal” another client the opportunity to enjoy one of their cars, to offer it a short time later by an amount of money much higher.

Source – Car & Driver

Porsche 911
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