Porsche wants to put this chair in your office

Porsche has endeavored to fill our home, our office your furniture. Not content to make us dream with their cars in the garage to have one of their mounts, now we also want them to crave certain furniture and shelf after presenting the peculiar shaped spoiler Porsche 911 GT3 Cup us encounter a chair worthy of the interior of any of their sports.

In addition this chair, this bucket of living, has built electrically adjustable thanks to the presence of a batetrĂ­a.

From official Porsche accessories catalog comes a office chair inherited directly from 911 , a sports seat, Car Plus variant production, leather and Alcantara equal to that used in cars Stuttgart firm.

But how much?

As we saw at the time with the shelf price is not exactly balances, bumping into an amount of 4575.63 euros price that is above the price at which the sport seats Optional own 911

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