Porsche will not attend the Hall of Detroit 2017

Porsche Panamera Porsche ExclusiveDespite the fact that the Detroit motor show is a major event at the media level, it is not so much on what visitors are concerned. This event took place at the beginning of the year, is one of the samples us with less public attendance, being surpassed by others such as New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. This has been one of the reasons that has led to Porsche has confirmed that it will not attend the Detroit motor show 2017, a decision that has already taken a few years ago and had already sounded in rumors.

Max Muncey, a spokesman of the NAIAS, has confirmed this decision of the German company. The same has been the one who has told the press that Porsche does not take its stand in Detroit. The reasons are several, but the most important is that the brand you prefer to focus on other rooms with more relevance and save the costs of participating in a show such as Detroit. The managers of the firm have analyzed this participation, and after assessing what is supposed to attend to the living and the costs of the same, have decided that is not worth it.

Porsche Panamera Porsche ExclusiveThis year, brands such as MINI, Tesla, Jaguar or Land Rover decided not to attend the Hall of Detroit. When not counting with important news is saved this participation. The same Porsche said no to this show a few years ago, in 2009, so it is not the first time you decide not to attend. As before, the German brand not it intends to submit in this event what’s new transcendental by which the decision is made.

The Detroit motor show is known for its relevance in the media but not by the number of visits recorded. In the last edition have not reached the million visits while in the sample of New York exceeded that amount. Other appointments such as Los Angeles or Chicago reported more benefits to Porsche to be its main markets so you have decided to focus on these quotes.

Source – Auto, motor und sport