Porsche will unveil its compact in 2020

few days Ago we got a lot of data and information of what Porsche is up from here until 2020. Among the data that have come to us, we found some notes especially motivating and it is the arrival of a future model of Porsche, which will compete in the much-prized segment of the compact.

Until now, the lower part of the range offered by the manufacturer, there is nothing under Cayman or Boxster until after 2020. Porsche believes that it is not yet the time to attack the compact segment, but it is almost certain that it will do so in a period of about five years.

The project is already in development and if there are no setbacks in that period of time to prepare a compact that will leave us completely speechless.


The Porsche compact will not come before 2020

According to our source, his competitor is not in his own home, but outside so that even his arrival will make studies appropriate market that tells them when to land in the segment C. What we do have clear is that it will do so with force. That is to say, on paper it will not be a rival to the Audi RS3, but if we look to Mercedes or BMW, especially this last, we can get an idea of the guidelines of your project.

The compact Porsche could reach 400 HP

Porsche has models, such as the 911, with that “don’t have to compete” with their adversaries, they are there and we all have them on a pedestal, however there are segments in which there is a major dispute, especially the SUV. but what in the compact segment?

The current Audi RS3 has a maximum power of 367 horsepower, the Mercedes Class A 45 AMG to a whopping 381 HP, the BMW M2, which is about to reach 370 HP and if we fall from this mini niche premium we have elVolkswagen Golf R with 300 HP, or the Seat Leon Cupra with 290 HP. Since then this challenge is to take it seriously.

In this table you can see some interesting data. Note that all have automatic transmission with the exception of Honda, which penalizes slightly its performance and improving the data peso.

Modelo Potencia Par Peso 0-100 km/h Price
Mercedes A 45 AMG 381 HP 475 Nm 1.555 Kg 4’2 seconds 57.550 €
BMW M2 DKG 370 HP 465 Nm 1.595 Kg 4’3 seconds 67.699 euros
Audi RS3 S-tronic 367 HP 465 Nm 1.595 Kg 4’3 seconds 59.800 euros
Honda Civic Type R 310 HP 400 Nm 1.457 Kg 5’7 seconds 34,500 persons euros
Volkswagen Golf R DSG 300 HP 380 Nm 1.495 Kg 4’9 seconds 43.050 €
Seat Leon Cupra DSG 290 HP 350 Nm 1.395 Kg 5’6 seconds 35.680 euros

A revolutionary engine for its segment

What engine will equip? Everything points to that this model could equip a four-cylinder engine of new development that will equip the future 718 Boxster.

The option to equip the new engine of the Porsche 911 6-cylinder with a double turbo compressor would also be a great alternative, but when it reaches the model, the downsizing will be taken over the segment, although this does not change the fact that Porsche is willing to bet on a turbocharged engine relatively “humble” and with a horsepower close to 400 HP.

as soon as we reach the more data I’ll let you know.